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Save Your Marriage... Save Your Family! Everyone's marriage could use a tune-up. This study is a faith builder for those in good marriages and it is a life-line for those in bad ones. Participants learn how to defeat the power's of darkness so that their marriage doesn't just survive, but THRIVES... until death do they part. Topics like: Settle it in Your Heart; Forgiveness is a Commandment; What Men Need; What Women Need; Being Intentional About Your Marriage; Cold Love / No Love; Intimacy; Agape Love / Excel Them All; Root Digger (Pulling Down Strongholds & Breaking Generational Curses); Family Wholeness and much, much more. Deborah's book, Healing a Broken Marriage, serves as the reading material and at-home study guide for this class. Open to men and women - married, engaged, separated, and even those divorced who are praying for reconciliation. Based off of 1 Corinthians 13 - "Love Never Fails."


This Bible Study uses the Naomi and Ruth relationship model to encourage one-to-one mentoring between participants. It is aimed at transforming the hearts and lives of women who desire to study a wide range of topics including (not limited to): God's Love; Forgiveness; The Fruit of the Spirit; Spiritual Warfare; Marriage Defined; Financial Peace / Tithing; The Father's Love; Defining Faith; Hearing from God; and much more. In addition, this in-depth study will minister to all of those who are seeking help and healing from:a broken heart; shattered relationships; addictions; a life of dysfunction; abandonment; mental, physical or sexual abuse; prison/jail time; and beyond.This material is also created for ministering to the female family members of those suffering. Deborah will lead the first 4-8 lessons of this study and then your church/group can continue on with one-to-one mentoring lessons that cover up to 30 lessons, if desired.
***The study material for this class was written by Deborah Ross along with a team of well-known ministers of various denominations from across the USA. It is scheduled to be published in the fall of 2012 under the Deborah Ross Ministries and Safer Communities Ministries banner. (Publisher TBA)
Experience the core values of your faith as Deborah shares scriptural truths for Keepin' it Real with God.  This Bible study exposes Real Life Issues that try to hinder a Real Relationship with a Really Good God!  Study topics include:  Real Salvation; Real Forgiveness; Real Worship; Real Love; Real Victory; Real Faith; Real Wisdom.  This study is great for everyone!
Local to Charlotte, NC?
_Book Deborah Ross to teach a 4-10 week Bible Study Track at your church/location.
_Minimal Cost Per Person (includes books/materials)
_Minimum of 15 pre-registered participants or couples required.
_A love offering will be accepted at the end of the completed session.
_Available up to a 40 mile radius of Charlotte, NC.
Not local to Charlotte, NC?
_Deborah Ross can be booked to teach a Bible Study Track at your church/location, also! - as available
_Minimal Fee Per Person (includes books/materials).
_Minimum of 45 pre-registered participants required.
_A love offering will be accepted at the end of the completed Study Track.
_Travel, Lodging and Food should be considered.
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